The Lifthold Ltd. company; which was established in 2017, operates tower cranes, truck mixers and concrete pumps serving the Group's own construction sites. The company started with 10 own tower cranes, purchasing the best quality among them according to the Group's philosophy. Gyula Hőgye; who manages the operation, explained the reason for the company's creation. „When we employed outsiders, we struggled a lot with machines of poor technical quality which were ordered by the customers. More than once, construction was halted for several days because we were waiting for spare parts after the machines broke down. Our processes have been accelerated by solving this task within the Group by our own professional machines and work organization.”


You can download the specification of the machines

In 2018, Lifthold Ltd. added 20 extra mixer cars to its pool of machines, starting also its own concrete transport, followed by the purchase of two concrete pumps in 2019. Here also, they sought the highest quality, therefore they acquired Liebherr and Putzmeister machines consecrated for manufacturing Mercedes cars. Ten more tower cranes are in the process of being acquired in 2020. „Our pool of machines we have so far, can serve traditional construction. Meanwhile, the Group is moving towards pre-fabrication, so the new machines have already more load carrying capacity and have higher speeds. Automatism also helps speed: when the tower crane raises the load, it adjusts the maximum rhythms of work based on the given parameters at once. It is important that the Group's designers design in BIM (Building Information Modeling) system, so they can anticipate what a tower crane can do at a distance of 40 meters. The intended elements, fittings and panels are designed so that the weights can only be compatible with the machine that you need to set in place.”

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